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. gretchen: the issues that mattered most to the voters, straight ahead. steve: meanwhile, president obama more likely watching the chicago's bull game last night. should he have been paying more attention? we're going to report and you are going to decide. brian: a corporate executive kicked out of first plas class for what he was wearing. >> i was handed the first class boarding pass. then it was pulled back out of my hand and given this original boarding pass. brian: wow. we're going to show you what he had on it might surprise you. meanwhile, our slogan from hazel in north carolina. yes, hazel, this is about you. "raise your flag, turn on the tube, watch "fox & friends" and get the news." [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- www.ncicap.org -- steve: welcome aboard, folks, to studio e. it's an election postgame show. gretchen: exactly. it was a big one last night. if you're like me, you love staying up and watching exactly what is going to happen and how it's all going to be the morning after. well, for the g.o.p., two big wins
. thank you very much. another fox news alert. president obama is in tokyo right now to meet with the prime minister. he's beginning a one-week tour of asia in an effort to restore relations. the president looking to prove to asian leaders they are a priority, despite the wars in iraq and afghanistan. on his way to japan, the president stopped over in alaska. he told our troops he would not sent them into conflict without a clear strategy. >> i want you guys to understand i will never hesitate to use force to protect the american people or our vital interests, but i also make you this promise. i will not risk your lives unless it is necessary to america's vital interests. gretchen: coming up in 15 minutes, the president and prime minister are scheduled to speak live. we will bring that to you when temperatures. another break story. a homicide bomb area tacks a naval base in afghanistan, wounding at least six people. it happened this morning near camp phoenix, a logistics support base for u.s. forces. the taliban, of course, claiming responsibility. saying they were targeting
the minority community will not turn out in the numbers because barack obama is not running. he got everybody out. he got 12,000 people in newark, new jersey. if they don't come out, governor corzine is in a lot of trouble. that's why he closed a 14% gap ex-made it a dead heat. he seems to have lost momentum. can we talk about new york district 23? steve: absolutely. this is the crazy case where the republican candidate dropped out a couple of days ago and then threw her support behind the democrat. then you've got the fellow who was energized by the tea party movement, doug hoffman who had just been a regular guy, as he described himself. and now yesterday up in the 23rd district of new york, joe biden was stumping on behalf of the challenger. also, hoffman -- also, joe biden yesterday suggested that rush limbaugh had, quote, hand-picked hofman to run. and hoffman yesterday called that notion ridiculous. he said, "i've never spoken to rush limbaugh. i have no idea where he got that information." gretchen: you have to say hat's off to a guy, or gal who decides, hey, i'm just going to get into
. in an interview she did with abc, she says president obama was incorrect and disingenuous on the whole death panel thing. she says, "he is not lying in that those two words, death panels, will not be found in any of the thousands of pages of different variations." gretchen: the other interesting thing, and we talked about this earlier when the first "oprah" clips came out, that she did not slam levi johnston at all in this interview for the most part. that was a change. because in the last couple of months there have been a lot of barbs thrown against levi johnston, the father of her daughter's baby. and in this interview she actually did sort of a joke about his decision to pose for "playgirm" and -- "playgirl" and she invited him over for thanksgiving dinner. think it was smart on her part to not continue the barb throwing. when asked the $24 million question about whether or not she will run for president in 2012 said that "right now it is not on my radar screen." brian: that thing is going to be a bestseller. she'll be on "hanity" tomorrow night. she will sit down with o'reilly after that. and
words, they have got a choice, civil liberties which the barack obama administration has made a case for or opening up all these national secrets, the security secrets and how did we get them and can a lead sheik mohammed, peter, has the right to ask for everything we have got. peter: constitutional rights as if he were a american brought before a federal court in new york city. and this is a delicate balance that will have to be buttressed here. how much cia intelligence? how much department of defense intelligence? how much fbi intelligence comes out in the wash in this trial? and what's the greater good? gretchen: to me, the biggest thing to me is that there is no guarantee that you get a conviction. so you could ostensibly have these guys walking free. that, to me, is the biggest problem in this whole thing amongst all of the other reasons like how do you know what judge is going to be assigned to it? will it be a judge that believes that the constitutional rights of even a 9/11 terrorist are more important than a conviction? in other words, could they throw out some of the evide
, deputy reserves and some 200 volunteers. the obama administration had removed some of the sheriff's authority to arrest illegals, so the sheriffs used state laws instead. it was a early wake-up call onboard space shuttle atlantis. >> good morning, atlantis. and good morning, bobby. >> good morning. i just wanted to thank my wife -- gretchen: in a few minutes the shuttle will start docking with the international space station. atlantis will also do a pirouette so nasa can make sure there isn't any damage on the underbelly. those are your headlines this morning. steve: a nice way of nasa -- gretchen: i didn't know they do ballet. steve: they do a little flip so they can look at the belly. all right. harry reid is going to finally unveil his health care bill. it apparently has been merged. he has said all along they've been waiting for the official numbers from the congressional budget office to find out how much this thing is going to actually cost. and just to show how much the president wants this to pass, he is dispatching former colorado senator and interior secretary ken salaza
and, instead, trying to help her friend barack obama. anyway, when sarah palin was on the oprah show, her ratings were up 36%. but then the day after she appeared on oprah, ratings were down 32%. went up for the governor back down. gretchen: interesting thing is whether or not the palin camp and advisors would have allowed her to go on oprah because they did not allow her to go on bill o'reilly's show when she was campaigning that was revealed last night when she actually called bill o'reilly at home and said she really did want to come on his show but the advisors said she should not go on his show for some unknown reason. last night she did make an appearance in the no spin zone. bill really focused last night on the attacks that she had taken from the katie couric interview and whether or not john mccain had scolded her for the way she did that interview. take a look. bill: clearly in your book you feel that katie couric was out to get you. >> i let the transcripts speak for itself and readers will decide for themselves if she had any kind of bias or nonobjective. bill: you think
her support behind the democratic owens. in new jersey, thank you, president obama held rallies in cam den and newark to give last-minute health to governor corzine. is he locked in a tight race with republican challenger chris christie. right now that race a statistical dead heat despite the involve of independent candidate chris dag get. virginia crisscross the states one more day. bob mock donald is expected to defeat democrat creigh deeds. suspect accused of murdering four men at a television store just arrested. police arrested the suspect across the state line in virginia a few hours ago now. police had been looking for gonzalez since yesterday when he allegedly gunned down four men in a parking lot. officers say the shootings do not appear to be random and that the men were at the store for a reason. a desperate attempt to find survivors underway this morning after a boat sinks in remote seas off australia. the boat started taking on water near the co-coast cocos islands. refugees trying to seek asylum. lending giant cit group says it's drowning in debt, despite getting more tha
crucial red flags in the case of suspected fort hood shooter nidal hasan. and the -- and is the obama administration holding become key information? joining us live, michigan congressman pete heokstra, the ranking member on the house intelligence committee. good morning, sir. >> good morning. steve: i heard you say a couple of days ago that the -- essentially the government was withholding information from you. you're on a key committee. have they loosened up a bit now? >> they have. i asked for a briefing over the weekend. the intelligence community or the white house refused to give us that briefing. i didn't consider that an option for them. their requirement is to keep us fully and timely informed. they didn't do that. they finally opened up. i think things are better now. i'm hoping we're going to get all the information and transparency that we need to fully get to the bottom of what happened at fort hood. steve: you know, it looks like now somebody, perhaps at the f.b.i., should have been connecting some dots. we know back in december of last year, apparently, this hasan charac
the entire bill. and they had been very supportive of president obama so if you've got these abortion rights groups who are opposed to the bill, that is not good for the president and that's why he went on tv last night to say just that. gretchen: exactly. and during our political panel we had a strategist who said to me off camera that if this stays the way it is, she will not be a democrat anymore. so it's going as far as that, that they are going to oppose the way the current bill reads. brian: i'm wondering tactically if nancy pelosi is firmly pro-choice and she's the one who put this pro in, does she think with a wink and a nod she knows it's going to go bye-bye and that's why she's telling her colleagues to vet yes to begin with? gretchen: that would be a lot of political maneuvering. steve: that's washington. brian: it's going to alienate half of congress. gretchen: there's a tropical storm, ida, dumping heavy rain on the gulf coast. four states, though, still deklaverring a state of emergency. one of them is florida. that's where we find crai boswen fort walton beach. >> good morning
fight over the war of after span. what president obama now do over the war with democrats. clayton: it is the busiest shopping day of the year. hundreds of thousands. they're lining up, looking for those bargains and looking for those deals. we will have the latest on that as well. ainsley: and happy birthday to tim pawlenty. he is turning 49 today. ⌟axozp7óú+l'?p clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends." fox news alert. the governor of afghanistan's kandahar province narrowly escaped an assassination attempt this morning. a roadside bomb exploded as he was on his way to a mosque for friday's prayers. the car was damaged but the governor escaped unharmed. kandahar is an important piece of battle for afghanistan. the city is focused to be the focus of additional build-up of tens out of thousands of troops there. underscores what we heard on tuesday as the president lays out his plans for afghanistan. rick: the top military commander on the ground has asked for around 40,000 troops. the president not expected to give him that number completely. the estimates right now are report
arrested his ex-wife pamela balk on drunk driving charges. oprah winfrey and president obama are set to sit down for a holiday special. the queen of daytime will interview the president for the first time since taking office. tour of the white house with the first couple. even give viewers behind the scenes look as staffers get ready for the holiday season. brian: how did the party crashers get in? i want to see the way she opens up her show. first things first. other major thing that happened. thanksgiving. steve: here is a cover of the new york daily news today. tiger woods says i'm not perfect but he says his wife elin is heroic. meanwhile, tiger ducked police for third day. they showed up at his house yesterday for the third time. ed to ask him some questions about what went down with fire hydrant and whatnot. they were turned away at the door by his agent. and now sources are telling tmz which has got an lot of this story right, that apparently the florida highway patrol is focusing on getting a search warrant. here is some the pictures. apparently what they say is they want the search
're going to tell you why. brian: and president obama gave us the $787 billion stimulus package so what do we have to show for it? the government tells us where the money went. this is "fox & friends" and we showed up here. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- www.ncicap.org -- gretchen: we unfortunately have not such great news as the fox news alert this morning. if you were tuned in yesterday, you saw that that horrible situation was happening at ford hood and brand new information now about the army psychiatrist accused. shooting 43 people, leaving 13 of them dead at for the foort h -- fort hood texas. our molly hennenberg is live at the pentagon but let's start with chris. chris, you have a tremendous amount of new information. what's the latest? >> we know that 39-year-old hasan is unconscious and in stable condition on a ventilator at a local hospital. authorities are not disclosing his whereabouts at this hour. we also know that unfortunately 13 people have now been confirmed dead. that's up from 12 yesterday, and still 30
clayton: president obama pardoning the annual thanksgiving turkey what's it like from the turkey's perspective? a bird's eye view roaming through the halls of the white house on its way being pardoned or possibly executed. janine from johnstown new york, for news i only watch, "fox & friends," it's the best so i don't make amends. happy thanksgiving. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- clayton: look at those graphics. happy thanksgiving, everyone. welcome here to "fox & friends" on this thanksgiving morning. rick folbaum and saintsly -- ainsley earhardt. ainsley: macy's day parade. very busy time to be here. >> the parade has a new route this year. >> they do. they turned broadway into a big pedestrian mall. they had to move the parade. it used to go through "times" square. they have to make a beeline arranged it this year. you can see some of the floats. they are getting ready on the upper west side of manhattan. that's where they start and they move down in front of macy's. clayton: look down here in t
government. president obama headed back to washington. his last stop this morning, south korea, where he met with the country's president. among the issue, north korea's nuclear program and iran. our major garrett is traveling with the president. >> an elaborate welcoming ceremony for president obama at the blue house, south korea's version of the white house. south korean soldiers performed an all-variety of military garb. the president said it was the best welcoming ceremony he's seen in his tour of asia. then it was a sit-down meeting with the president myung-bak lee. before ithe president announceds sending one of his top diplomats to go to pyongyang to meet with the north koreans on december 8. in addition, two leaders talked about iran. the president said he is hopeful iran will take measures in the veneer future to abandon its fear of pursuit of nuclear weapons. and if he doesn't, the president said the international community may step up to the plate. >> we have begun discussions with our international partners about the importance of having consequences, that the duel track approach
and to confront those who hide behind them. [ applause ] gretchen: president obama drawing criticism for not attending the intrasmghts he traveled to copenhagen for the olympic bid but not to germany. gretchen: less than 24 hours to go before john mormd is to be executed. they are petition are tim kaine for clemency, that is eye highly unlikely. mohammed and lee boyd maf vo terrorized the d.c. in the fall of 2002, killing 10 people. more than 1,000 toyota and lexus owners reported their vehicles sped up for no reason since 19 1 causing 19 deadly crashes. the highway safety traffic administration previously disclosed 100 such incidents. recalling 4 million vehicles because the floor mats could jam the gas pedal. 9-year-old boy being hailed as a hero for fighting off a carjacker. me leak medford and their brother are sitting in a car in west virginia while their mom went into a convenience store and that's when the carjacker struck. >> a man just came and opened the door and he told me to get out but i didn't get out and i yanked the keys out of the ignition and i had them like this. a
's in the headlines right now. president obama still has not made a decision about sending more troops to afghanistan. originally you were not in favor of sending more troops to iraq when president bush wanted to have the surge there. but i understand that you feel differently now about the call from mcchrystal. in what way? >> well, you know, i acknowledged i was wrong about the surge in iraq. in fact, i was on your show in the middle of the morning, you know, back east and said we didn't need 20,000 more targets out there during what came to be called the petraeus surge. i was wrong about that. not just because of the combat troops but because it sent a message to the iraqis that the americans weren't going to bail out on them. and as you know, i had a number of people on your show and several others during the weeks that i was embedded with iraqi soldiers who said to me when i'd ask them, why did you wait so long to join the iraqi military? and they'd look at me and say, i wanted to see which side was going to win. that same factor is a major component of what general mcchrystal wants to do on the
for the other soldier at this hour. and another developing story. president obama is considering now apparently a hybrid option for the war. it would deploy 30,000 to 35,000 new forces to afghanistan, including as many as 10,000 military trainers. the new scenario combines reinforcements for fighting taliban insurgents with trainers aimed at rapidly increasing the afghan troops' own abilities so that they can take care of their own operations. president obama meets with his war counsel later today. a woman who fell into the path of that oncoming train -- if you haven't seen this video, check this out. she falls right on to the tracks of the oncoming train. watch that. she was inches from being run over. she's now saying she's grateful for those who saved her life. cops say 26-year-old sophia was drinking that night. she made no mention of that in this statement. "the kindness and quick thinking of all of those people who came together to save my life will forever have my thanks and gratitude." one of those people, the train operator, who stopped in just the nick of time. >> it was so close that
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